We Need You!

We Need You!

kitchs-419446The Diverse Narratives project is thriving because of our contributors, but we would love to uncover even more hidden histories of Cheshire in the First World War, and we need your help to make this happen!

Do you have a relative who lived in Cheshire during the war? Do you know of an interesting story from the era that relates to how minority groups lived and worked in the region? Do you just have an interest in local history and want to dig deep to find something that’s never been looked at before? If so, please get in touch!

We’ve uncovered some great topics and themes in the project so far, and would love to hear more from you about what we should cover. If you’re interested in researching Allied soldiers in military hospitals in Cheshire, we can direct you to some great archives and resources. If you want to know how diverse the Cheshire Regiment was, we’ve got a great lead thanks to the Jewish Military Museum, and can get you started via that. What about Indian soldiers? Factory workers from China? German business owners? There is a rich cultural history in Cheshire during the First World War that we’ve only begun to scratch the surface of. Get in touch to have a chat about what interests you and how we can help uncover these stories!

Please contact our Senior Researcher, Dr. Jessica van Horssen, via email at j.vanhorssen [at] chester.ac.uk, via Twitter at@Historiamagoria, or via post at Dr. J. van Horssen, Department of History & Archaeology, Binks Building, The University of Chester, Parkgate Road, CH1 4BJ.


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